Silent Flirting Games & Eye Gazing. No Talking!

The eyes are the window to the soul.
It's much easier to have a connection with someone after two minutes of eye gazing with them, in fact it's electrifying. At our events you can expect a warm up to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy, followed by silent flirting games and eye gazing. Our excellent hosts will make you feel at home.
Come see what all the noise is about.

We offer two types of event:

Shhh Dating

All about the eye gazing.
The first half is a warm up and non-verbal flirting games followed by eye gazing technique. The second is eye gazing with our potential partners. After, lots of talking and drinking. The next day your matches are emailed to you. This event is better for people who like to meet everyone in the room. Around 40 people.

Shhh Party

Shhh Parties explore other of ways of meeting without talking. Over three sessions of fun, non-verbal flirting games you get to meet and play. Things gently get more physical as the night progresses. By the end the whole place is pretty warmed up. You can stay have a drink or head out into the night. This event is for the more adventurous. Upwards of 40 people.

Upcoming events

Tickets are cheaper when booked with a single friend of the opposite sex.

Shhh currently operates in London. To find out when we arrive in a city near you, sign up. If you would like to run a Shhh event in your city or country, contact us.